Over 22,000 sq ft of spacious inside and outside play area

Dog City DayCare boasts over 22,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for your canine cousin. From an Alaskan Huskie all the way through the alphabet to a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkies), Dog City DayCare shall provide loving and caring treatment from the time your furry family member arrives until their departure from our premises.

We assure the following:

Separate Play Areas For Different Dog Sizes
Daily Dog Daycare for your 4 legged family member
Short Term & Long Term Boarding
24 Hour Surveillance For Dog Owners Peace Of Mind
Doggie Shuttle Service (Pick Up & Drop Off)
Kuranda Comfortable Elevated Dog Resting Beds


Doggie Shuttle Service: Pick Up & Drop Off

Comfortable Elevated Resting Beds

We also use an elevated resting bed from Kuranda. These beds provide orthopedic support because your dogs weight is evenly dispersed. No more sore joints. These beds are also much more sanitary because they are not directly on the floor.


Luxury Kennels

We use only Mason Kennels the world leader in high quality luxury kennels insuring a very safe environment for your loved one.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

All interior flooring is coated with a high quality slip resistance epoxy ensuring an optimum sanitary environment for your pet.
Extensive fresh air ventilation system installed to insure Dog City Daycare always has clean fresh air throughout our facility.